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🧚 Fairy Elf

The fairy elves are skilled in both archery and magic, combining the two to provide both offensive and defensive support. Their abilities include special arrow attacks as well as the power to Heal, Attack Buff and Defense Buff.

Points Per LevelStarting StrengthStarting AgilityStarting VitalityStarting EnergyLife / HP
ManaAGSDLife Per LevelMana Per LevelSD Per Level


🧚 Fairy Elf Skills

Triple Shot - The elf can shoot 3 arrows at the same time to deal triple damage on enemies.~050~
Summon Goblin - Summons a Goblin to fight for the elf.~0400~
Summon Stone Golem - Summons a Stone Golem to fight for the elf.~0700~
Summon Assassin - Summons a Assassin to fight for the elf.~01100~
Summon Elite Yeti - Summons an Elite Yeti to fight for the elf.~01600~
Summon 🦸 Dark Knight - Summons an 🦸 Dark Knight to fight for the elf.~02000~
Summon Bali - Summons a Bali to fight for the elf.~02500~
Summon Soldier - Summons a Soldier to fight for the elf.~03500~
Heal - Elves can channel their energies to heal themselves or partymates.~0200~
Greater Defense - Elves can enhance the defense of targets. The increase in defense depends on the energy rating of the elf.~0300~
Greater Damage - Elves can enhance the damage on targets. The increase in damage depends on the energy rating of the elf.~0400~
Penetration - This orb allows the elf to shoot a powerful arrow that pierces through targets.1307079Ice

🧚 Muse Elf Skills

Ice Arrow - Shoots an icy arrow that may freeze targets for a couple of seconds and deal great damage.1501051012Ice
Infinity Arrow2200100~



  • Min dmg = (str+agi*2)/14
  • Max dmg = (str+agi*2)/8
  • Speed = agi/50
  • Defense = agi/10
  • PvM defense rate = agi/4
  • PvM attack rate = lvl*5+agi*1.5+str/4
  • PvP defense rate = lvl*2+agi/10
  • PvP attack rate = lvl*3+agi*0.6
  • HP = 40+(lvl-1)+vit*2
  • Mana = 6+(lvl+ene)*1.5
  • Mana regen = mana/27.5
  • SD = (str+agi+vit+ene)*1.2+defense/2+(lvl*lvl)/30
  • AG = (ene+agi)*0.2+(str+vit)*0.3
  • AG regen = 2+AG/33.33
  • Dmg buff = ene/7+3
  • Def buff = ene/8+2
  • Heal = ene/5+5

Combo Skills

On our server Mu Online , the Combo buff system works for all character classes.

Now all characters can get a significant increase in battles against other players.

Each class of characters Mu online has a specific set of 3 skills, which activates the Combo buff. It is enough to inflict successful blows on the opponent with all the necessary skills in a row, within the allotted period of time, and you will receive a boost for 5 seconds . At the same time, it is not necessary to inflict 1 blow in a row, the main thing is to have time to use all 3 skills in the allotted period of time.

The combo buff gives the character the following benefits:

  • Increased character damage by 2 times
  • Increased character defense by 40%
  • Completely ignores Reflect


Conditions For Receiving The Combo Buff

1st skills2th and 3th skills

Triple Shot




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